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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...

  • there is an object in the middle of the floor (that should not be there) and everyone in the house walks, skips, cartwheels, and leaps over it? I purposely don't pick it up to wait and see who will. Said object pretty much sits and rots for days of course.

  • women curse worse than men.

  • people do not know how to send forwarded email.

  • I think I am about to get an actual afternoon barks and boom, baby wakes up.

  • on the coldest night of the season, the big bear that sleeps next to me hogs all the covers. We have 2 comforters on the bed for a reason!

  • you want to slap the living daylights out of some one's bratty, rude kid and you can't since they are not yours.

Okay, I think I'm good. How about you? Hit us up in the comments...



  1. not only does the bear sleeping next to you hog all the covers then gets up and turns on the ceiling fan and the standing fan because hes hot( ahemmmm both comforters, sheet ect.....)

  2. Or when you are balled up in a ball because a three year old monster is taking up 2/3 of YOUR king size bed.

    Plus he has a nicely decorated room with a empty twin size bed that he wanders out of every night. UGH! Why me?

    Or when you have to use the restroom, but don't want to get up because the bed is nice and warm and he suddenly jerks in his sleep and kicks you dead in your bladder.

    I'll stop now, I could go on all day. This goes to show I slept awful last night.

  3. Oooh, I hate it when my kids are with others and do something WE don't allow, I correct them, and then the other mom says "Oh, let them!" (Nope!)[and while I don't smack others' rude children, I DO correct them without reservation...and I absolutely want others to dothe same if they see mine doing something rude!)

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! I'll definitely be back to visit yours!

  4. Right now I am hating that no matter how much rest I get I am still feeling tired. What is that about?

  5. Sheliza Miss thangs ankle gets better every day, she loves going to school with the cast and crutches because everyone does everythang for her- lol - can you see her head swelling from your house???

  6. lol @ the forwarded emails: then you gotta search through to find the actual message.

  7. When you have a CRAVING for something you know good and well you wrapped up and put in the fridge only to go and look for it and it's GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone done up and ate it. UGHHHH!!! Makes me want to just "RICHDOWN" their throat! LOL

  8. okay the last one... usually if someones kid is being pathetically rude and bratty - I want to slap the parent. It's their fault anyway, and they're obviously not controlling their dang kid.

    Okay, my my dontcha hate it has to be about this damn weather (hey there's me cursing... ha). Dontcha hate it when it snows and the snows and then melts, only to drop into the single digit weather and then leave sheets of ice where you now have to walk and not fall and break your face every moment of the day?

    We all know me and my track record for falling.

  9. LOL. I hate to see an item inches away from the trashcan and the daughter says she knew it was there but does not pick it up. Hey trash duty is hers not mine. LOL.


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