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Reflections of 2008

Well another year is getting ready to come to a close. It goes by so fast it's unreal! There were so many things that happened over this year, both good and bad. I have taken everything as a learning lesson. I know that you are never to old to learn. Unless you are 16 then you know it all ha ha! I think the biggest thing I learned this year is how important it is to get all the toxic people out of my life in order to grow. You are probably thinking that I should know that by now and I do. I guess I just tend to be too nice and tolerate a lot of things that I don't always look at as tolerating. There eventually comes that 'enough is enough' feeling that wakes up inside of you and makes you do something about it. This year has brought so much clarity to me and has allowed me to rid my life of a lot of toxic people and behaviors. I am still very flawed but I know I will learn more and more as the years go by. I am so grateful that I had my healthy baby boy and that my family continues to stay strong and persevere. I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful husband that keeps me on my toes and is a strong father to our children. I know I give him a hard time (that's my job) but he is awesome and I could not make it through a lot of things without him by my side and always having my back. Before I say anything else nice about Dwayne I will stop here. No need in getting carried away!

What is the most important thing you learned in 2008? Please share :)


  1. Not sure if I learned it yet.. but what I have worked on the most is tolerance..... just because its not the way I would/should/could do it... doesnt meant its wrong or wont work.

    ps. Dwayne just cause your paparazzi skills didnt pan out. Just the little time I have known you here in blog land- you are and incredible man and doesnt mean you have to stop taking pictures...

  2. To just be patient.

    Plus little boys will wear the living day lights out of you. have you sleeping hard and wild like you've been playing hard as they have.
    Plus I never imagined I would be scolding imaginary friends he may have.

  3. I learned that suffering can be worth the end result.

  4. Here you go getting all deep and stuff. I am not ready for deep reflections. : )
    I think the biggest thing I learned this year is that despite the distance and years - old friends grow sweeter, nearer and dearer the older we get.

  5. I know this one sounds selfish, and like Pauls above, not sure if I've learned it yet, but I know I'm on my way...

    To take care of me... and not just everyone else. I'm bad at that. I put me last.

  6. I learned so much. I think the biggest one is to let go. Let go of anger, disappointment, trying to control your kid's actions. Whew! I can go on.


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