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Dec 11, 2008

Naps and babies

As you all know, having a baby for me now is like starting all over again so I feel like there are some things I don't know or need a refresher course on. Babies do take naps right? I'm not talking catnaps or power naps. I mean actual more than 30 minutes kinda naps..right?

What happened to my kid then? He almost only power naps for about 20 minutes maybe twice per day. Is this normal for an almost 9 month old? My girls took naps until they were almost 4, hour long ones at that. So basically I am not getting anywhere near what I need to get done on a daily basis. I guess I better shut up and be thankful the kid started sleeping through the night early and is even sleeping a little later in the mornings.

Seriously, does anyone or has anyone had this problem with a baby under the age of 1?
Please let me know there are others out there like me!


  1. Alexis did me the same..... she would catnap and just when I would try and start a project/take a shower/ take a much needed nap wide awake she would be... our peditrician (i know sp issue)advised me some kids just dont need as much sleep-say what??? I did find if i didnt rush right in to her room when I heard her stiring sometimes she would go back to sleep. good luck my friend no easy answer on this one..

  2. I seem to remember that on some days Mekhi napped for a long period of time and on others he just didnt. He did have a twice a day nap schedule but I tried not to get too bent out of shape if the nap didn't happen.

  3. We had lots of occasions where one (we synchronized naps, for us, a twin mandatory!) might have a span of time wherein they'd seem to nap for briefer spans than the other, and then it might flip flop...but we pretty much did what Paula said, let 'em stir around a bit, maybe go rub a belly if prolonged, but we kept 'em in the crib ideally for at least an hour each nap. (Interestingly enough, we'd have resurgences of increased sleep in phases...right up until when naps went altogether bye-bye at around 4/5.)

    Good luck, Mama! Hang in there!

  4. you are not alone. my first was a great napper.. my second hardly slept at all. Even as a newborn, when they are supposed to sleep 16 hours a day, we were lucky to get 10 out of her in short bursts. I think some babies are more sensitive and irritable than others. I am claiming this as an early sign of intelligence, it is working out that way in my no-sleeper.. maybe that will help you through the long days. Hang in there, they do eventually start to sleep longer, or at least stay quietly in the crib and allow you to nap.

  5. I have a 4 year old that NEVER naps.

    I feel your pain.

    Is there a way to have a heart to heart with William?

    He's smart. He'll hear you out! LOL

  6. no babies under 1 here... and my boys slept for HOURS. I had to wake them to make sure they would sleep at night.


    But the sleeping thru the night part is the more important one.

  7. By that age, my kids took two hour naps. But each child is different. On days were it seemed like my baby was refusing a nap, I would wear the baby in sling or take the baby for a walk (if my back couldn't handle it) and after the walk, lay the baby in the crib. Sometimes babies will wake up because of gas or some other discomfort and you have to put the baby back to sleep. Have you tried that? Sometimes a baby that is so tired can't sleep. There are some pretty good books out there, one by Dr. Sears but I can't remember it right now. Check your local library for some books. Good luck!

  8. The Man naps usually depends on the type of day he is having. At school, they take two hours naps. But at home he usually sleeps 30 minutes.

  9. My youngest is just one. I found it was in the 9-12 months range that each of my kids started really settling into longer naps. It's hard when you don't get enough sleep isn't it? Mine naps ok most days, but I'm still desperately waiting for him to sleep all night!

  10. Jayden does this all the time. There will be times when he seems like he'll be sleep only five minutes before he wakes up and is back to playing again. Then there are times when he will sleep for HOURS. It just flip flops from day to day.

  11. My cousin's daughter is 2. She has to be so danged tired to sleep. She will fight it. She used to sleep for awhile here and there when she was under 1. I used to watch her when she was under 1 and that girl takes some work to get to sleep. Now, she will pass out almost anywhere and sleep. That is after HOURS of running around. Whew! LOL.


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