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Evil mom takes "paci" away

Yesterday was a very trying day. I took dear 'paci' away for good. I really had no intention of even starting little William on a pacifier, but when he stuck a couple of fingers in his mouth on the day he was born we quickly requested that the nurse bring us a paci. I knew one day I would take it away. My original plan was when he turned 4 months old, but then I thought, "what am I waiting for?" I figured the earlier I did it, the easier it would be. Now my baby is not a whiny little crying baby for the most part. The only time he actually cries is if he is hungry or sleepy. Normally we would stick the paci in his mouth and he would sleep. Well, now he cries for about 10 minutes and then goes to sleep. Everyone thinks I am the mean and evil mother but I am very consistent when it comes to raising my children. I had to do the same with Briahnna when she was the same age. She survived. William will probably get over it in a few days. Most all of my friends and family thought this baby would be the spoiled one...WRONG!!! He gets the same treatment the others did just minus all the bells and whistles. I better go have an extra cup of coffee this morning so I can be fully alert to handle the little boy. Have a great day!


  1. I remember having to do this with Zoey. Of course, I let it slide for a lot longer! You're right, he won't miss it in a few days!

  2. I sucked a binky until I was 3! Shame on my mommy, right? lol We have those little Gerber NUKS everywhere. We give Jayden a binky when sleeping and while out and about. He spits them out more than he sucks on them. I also pull them out once he's sleeping good if he hasn't already spit it out. I'm hoping we can toss them without him becoming dependent, my nipples can only do so much though, lol! He's been gnawing his hands and bibs. He has been trying to eat his clothes for the longest.

    I have to dig up a picture of Jayden for the Bad Boys Club. It's so hard to choose! I haven't forgotten about your blog design either!

  3. It was hard for me to take it, he became very dependent on his. They actually gave it to him at the hospital because he was a screamer. It was glued to his face from then on. He actually knew where I TRIED to hide them. But I started taking it away when he turned 12 months just giving it at night and eventually took it away around 15 months forever. He screamed and hollered like somene was killing him. It took a weekend but we made it through. Good Luck!!!!

  4. Oh goodness... hopefully he won't miss it too terribly much! You are doing it at the right time... hopefully you won't have to drink too much coffee to cope ;)

  5. I actually never wanted my new baby (10 weeks) to have a pacifier, however the nurses gave it to her and it's been nearly impossible to take it away since. We have a 4 year old, and when she was about 1.5, we left the paci at home during a weekend trip and she was "cured" by the time we got back home. Good luck to ya!


  6. you're the mommy, you know what's best for your baby boy!

    i better not call and hear my baby crying though, imma sneak a nuk in the mail if I do!! LOL


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