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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Don'tcha hate it when...
  • you are blog browsing and forget your speakers are turned up and you land on a blog with music?! Scares the hell outta you huh?!
  • you invite someone over for a meal and before you can offer they assume they can fix a plate to go?
  • you have to pack away laundry? I'd much rather have a nice "clean clothes" pile at the foot of my bed thanks!
  • it's time to get the cars fueled up again?
  • you forget to sweeten your coffee, ughh!
  • even worse, you go to make coffee and realize that was the one item you forgot the day prior at the grocery store. I think even with a list I always forget at least one thing.

What bugs you? Hit us up in the comments...



  1. ....when I set my alarm clock, but still wake up late. All the thanks goes to my son messing with it and the volume was turned all the way down. Thank goodness I have my phone set as a backup.

  2. im sorry about that
    i feel u talking about me and my music lol

  3. dontcha hate when day! yay!

    umm, crap, I got nothin.

    I'll just go with what I'm feeling now... when you're at work at 430 in the afternoon and your trying not to fall asleep, and you have to blog to entertain yourself?!

    Or when you had a really good workout at lunch and you come back to your desk and someone brought in cookies?? com'n you HAVE to eat one... umm, or two.

  4. Hi, I am here by way of Tanyette.

    I hate when...

    -I am early for the bus and it DRAGS on late as heck. Ugg.

    -When my co-workers complain and one is too cold, one is too hot and then I hear a heater and/or fan going regardless of the season.

    -Hearing someone complain about their ailments ALL day to anyone who says, How are you.

    -Rushing home for leftovers and find the kid has eaten them.

  5. i hate when i wake up in the morning like an hour before my alarm clock goes off. i try to go back to sleep but never can!


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