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Now That's Some BULLS@#T !!!

Now for everyone that knows about the cooler story that occurred last weekend, don't you think this is some BullS@#t ? My wife tried to make me feel good with this girly-man cooler. She thinks she's slick by getting me a cooler that says DieHard. This is not a manly-man Bruce Willis Die Hard cooler. This is a itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini girly-man cooler. How can I go around my boys with this cute cooler? I want my orange cooler back! Holla if ya hear me!!! PEACE


  1. HOLLAH!!!!!

    Houston, TX

  2. we wont mind if it is fillled with liquor folk

    still aint made your blog roll smh

    have a great weekend

  3. YOU ARE SO SILLY with your cute cooler! Ha!

  4. Here's what you do: Go and buy back the manly cooler (and of course dispose of the "car battery" cooler) and keep it somewhere she never looks. Emphasis on never because if she finds it, you'll be faced with three months in the dog house MINIMUM! Trust me, I know. So anyway, you have your cooler and she thinks you don't. Works for me (almost) every time!

    P.S. I'm probably gonna get in trouble for writing the above statement.

  5. I thought you were holding a car battery in the photo. For what it's worth, it goes well with your suit...much better than the bright orange cooler!

  6. Dwayne! Go and get your orange cooler!!!!!!!! LOL

    Tina did NOT say it goes with your suit. LMAO! she better stop.

    Greg, consider yourself in the dog house. Soon as sheena sees this, get ready! You are NOT supposed to tell the secrets!

    That will get you kicked out the bad boys club. I thought you knew? :)

  7. I like that cooler, but it's a female thing. My hubby would be complaining

  8. ahhahaa!!!! still funny!!! i love you guys!


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