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Big Willie Style!

Here's a photo of our big boy on the 4th. Our friends and family call him "Big Willie Style" because of his size! He was chillin' in the sun on his Papo after feasting on baby bananas followed by a big bottle of formula! You can probably see some of the evidence on his belly LOL! What can I say? He eats like Papo. As a matter of fact, there is barbecue sauce on Papo's shirt and William happens to be covering it up! I better stop talking about my hubby like that! I LOVE you Dwayne!!!

Just last night Dwayne and I were saying, "wow, we have a son". I think we must still be in denial or something. We said that we are officially grown folks now! For those of you that are parents, are you ever still amazed that you are a mother or father?


  1. It amazes me every day. Especially when he stick those little cold fingers under my covers waking me up.

  2. Look at his cheeks! I love them! Of course I still can't believe I'm a mommy. I'm wondering when the brain fog will wear off! If I don't have to think or talk, I won't, it's too hard!

  3. I can't believe your baby boy is that big already! He looks like he's ready to get up and start walking around! (well, maybe crawl) It seems just like yesterday that you were announcing his arrival. But I guess that was back in March....

  4. Yes! I am amazed and the more she grows, the more amazing it is.

  5. he is soooooo cute! look at him!

    i love this photo. consider it jacked.


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