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Men can't be trusted

Yesterday on the 4th, we ran into a problem when I realized the grill rack I purchased a few days prior would not work for the bbq grill we have. I went to two different stores to find the correct size and had no luck.This became very stressful seeing that I had only two hours before my guests arrive. Dwayne decides to go out and see if he could find one. He goes to the same exact stores I did only different locations. He had no luck. We had to resort to using the one I bought even though it was too short. Now my hubby decides that he could not walk through the door empty handed. This is what he buys...

-I ask him (very annoyed) "what the heck is that for?"
-He replies, "I might need some water while I am driving my truck"
-Me, "Then get some bottled water and put it in a cooler you idiot!!"
-Him, "but it looks so manly and cool"
-Me, (really mad at this point) "You are not a construction worker or a physical labor worker, you don't need 5 gallons of water. It's going back tomorrow"
-Him, "come on, pleeease??! It even has a cup dispenser!"
-Me. I just give him "the look".
-Him, (looking like a little boy while kicking his feet around on the grass) "Fine. I can't ever have anything around here"
-Me, "Damn right!"
I can't ever let him loose in any store because he loves buying stupid and useless stuff. I guess it is a guy thing. Poor Dwayne. I don't know why he ever thinks he has a chance at winning.


  1. you're right - poor Dwayne!

  2. too funny. Just what hubby does... try letting him loose in Target...

  3. But it does look manly and cool! You should've let him keep it for that reason alone!

    For Sheena and me, it's the total opposite. Put her inside ANY clothing store and she will go WILD! We'd go in a store to buy myself some socks and come out with 23 new outfits for her (and no socks for me). Unfortunately, she has "the look" too, where once applied on me, I can't help but to let her buy up everything in the store. One day us men will create a defense against "the look".

  4. Hey, not nice saying it's a guy thing...... but the cup dispenser is definitly cool!!! =o)

  5. LOL @ Dwayne!

    @ Greg At least when I buy things they're CHEAP, Mr.Justboughtapairofairforceones!

  6. Now Greg, you know you are dead wrong!(*shaking head) LOL!! You mean your girl gets cheap stuff and you get new Air Force Ones?? What's up with that?

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  8. wait---LOL at-- One day us men will create a defense against "the look".

    Hold your breathe Greg! :)


    Please tell me you let him keep the cooler. You know that cooler would go great for events too.

    Fill that bad boy up with some Ice and lemonade and you're home free :)

  9. *breath*
    OMG did I write breathe? REally? NO ONE told me. *sigh* LOL


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