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Apr 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

The kids would wonder what this is!



  1. i remeber them days, and u a=have a nice blog here sister. have a great weekend and do chk me out one day. hope u dont mind the drive by.

  2. wait til you show them vinyl. My kid has no idea what a record is. LAME!! LOL!

  3. My only child has seen and heard records and tapes. I remember playing some 45's my mom gave me when my daughter was little.

    Now an 8 track would trip my daughter out. LOL.

  4. ahhhhh sookie-sookie NOW ;)

  5. HA! My husband is saving a bunch in his closet in a box. I remember taping some together when the tape would burst...hehehehe so what if the song was all distorted. Okay let me stop


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