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Apr 27, 2008

Been there, done that

I was thinking the other day about how we grow as parents. I realized that once you have been there and done that, you get over a lot. For instance,

First child (been there)-You must have an overall theme with every piece of equipment to match...the crib, changing table, carseat, stroller, high chair, bouncer, bedding, mobile, walker, and the list goes on... Oh yeah, and you would dare not use the hand-me-downs! Only the newest and fanciest for your precious new bundle of joy. A good 4 outfit changes for the day should suffice. You sterilize and sanitize every surface to keep those pesky germs away. Even a trip to the grocery store requires you to pack that baby bag like you are going away for a week!

Second baby (done that)- Okay, maybe we don't need all the stuff we had with the first one. Your bed can double as a changing table...and 2 outfit changes per day should do the trick. Hand-me-downs are not half bad! Maybe a couple germs will not hurt this one so let's not go overboard with sanitizing. The baby bag this time around does not look like luggage!

Third baby (I'm so over it!)- Hand-me-downs are a must! Outfits only get changed if they get dirty or wet. Sanitizing?? (maybe just for a little while so I don't look like a bad mom!) Baby bag? I almost forget that thing every time we walk out the door!

I guess you can say that we have evolved!!


  1. Man, I am the third child! No wonder my outlook on life is a bit different from my older siblings!:) As for my own parenting experience, we are stuck in child #1 mode.

  2. I hear ya! I only bring the diaper bag, only if I really, really have to. :D

    And oh, I'm not sure whether I replied to your email. I'm a bit of a scatterbrain. :D I'm glad you like the scrappy stuff.
    Enjoy your baby!
    They grow fast. :D

  3. You have evolved!!!!!! He is so cute.

  4. You stole the words right out of my mouth! So true. If baby #3's binky falls on the ground and there's not water around, don't be surprised if I just wipe off the germs. Five second rule, right?! I know better than to wait until we get home and boil it. No sense in hearing the baby scream all the way home, that's what a rooky would do. :)

  5. LOL, I wanna use hand me downs NOW as much as we change his little clothes! Girl, we don't even have a diaper bag, we have a Special K tote, a Yoplait tote, and I snatched up a cute organic tote from Walmart that we can use. NOW...if someone wants to send us a diaper bag, they can ! We use the bed for changing too! We have diapers in different locations of the room, the night stand, bassinet and drawers.

    We went out to the store last night, I threw a bottle in my purse and called it a day, lol.

  6. I've heard that! I only have one so far but I already know I will do many things differently with my second (whenever s/he comes!)


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