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Don'tcha hate it when.... Wednesday

Hey everyone, you know what day it is so let's get started...

Fellas, members of the BBCDO -Don'tcha hate it when you ask your wife for 10 more minutes of sleep in the morning and she comes back in 8?

Don'tcha hate it when your wife tells you not to do something because it will turn out bad, you do it anyway, and it turns out bad?

Dont'cha hate it when your wife acts like the best wife in the world and then you remember it's payday? ( man that's foul)

My personal one- I hate it when I go to the store to buy something and everybody says "you're that guy with the pretty wife and pretty kids. (HELLO?? I HAVE A NAME!!!!)

Fellas get at me with your Hate it when Wednesday in the comments area, and LADIES, if you think you're brave enough to hang with the big boys, meet us in the comment area and hit us up.

Peace- Ismail the Great


  1. Dont'cha hate it when you tell your husband not to do something because it will turn out bad, he does it anyway, and it turns out bad?


  2. Don't you hate it when your husband is sick and refuses to go to the doctor because he says, "I'm alright" AND you make the appointment, he goes in and he's as sick (or even sicker) as I told him he was.

    WHEW! That was one long run on sentence!

  3. I got to give it to Katie, that was slick taking my hate it when and turning it back on me. (Smooth move)

    Beenzzz, you know that man is strong and powerful. No need for a doctor. Give him some football and the remote so he can flip channels while on the couch. That is the only perscription your big, strong, man needs.

    Dotcha hate it when you pick a fight with the ladies and your fellow BBCDO members leave you out there on your own. Ha Ha Ha

  4. Ooh, my husband wouldn't have those complaints because I give him 10 minutes (or more, I'm good like that), he listens to my advice, and I have no clue when his payday is....

    My don'tcha hate it is when people assume that my hubby and I are siblings because we look so much alike.

    But my husband's would probably be: Don'tcha hate it when you have to go to work and be away from your wife but you go because you gotta support your family?


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