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Message from baby William

To all of mommy and daddy's readers,
I thought I would let you all know how I have been doing. I am a very, very good baby. I am a good eater, I don't make a mess, I am cute, sweet and cuddly. I went to the pediatrician for my one month check up yesterday. I have almost doubled my weight since I was born. I weigh 8 1/2 pounds! I thank my mom for that. I try to let my parents sleep at night and I can't help it that I LOVE them to hold me tight until I fall deep into my sleep. Since my parents do not believe in co-sleeping, I get what I can, ya know?! My newest thing is I love to follow my family with my eyes. I love all the attention they give me, especially from my sisters. I wanted to tell you all that I am on a mission. I was born with eyebrows and I was taking a look at my handsome self the other day and realized that they are now missing! I am on a hunt to find them. My daddy says if I do not find them then he will shave his off to match me. I know my dad is a rough and tough manly man but don't you think that is sweet? If I find my eyebrows, I will have my folks post a photo of them. Uh oh, I think I need my bottle now so I better go and cry so mommy will feed me. Wish me luck in finding my eyebrows!
Sincerely, William


  1. William,

    You are soooooo cute!

    You are the sweetest baby boy! I love that you are RUNNING that house! RUN that house William! I love you!!!!

  2. He's so precious and sounds like a really good baby! Don't worry William, those eyebrows will come in soon. :)

  3. Aww eyebrows, who needs them? You're still a cutie and I love your carseat!

  4. That's too cute!! I hope he finds them soon :)

  5. LOL! The eyebrows thing just killed me. Don't worry baby, you'll be okay! You came from a good looking gene pool and look good with or without them!


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