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Feb 2, 2008

How much longer????

I feel like one of the kids when I want to know how much longer I have to be pregnant. I know I have the date set but this little boy is wearing me out! On my last appointment I told the doctor "I just feel so much more activity with this pregnancy than before."

He politely tells me "Well Sheliza, it is different when you are 20 and having a baby versus 34 and having your third one" He then explains that my body has stretched out a couple times prior so this is why I feel so much.

Hmmm, I guess he told me I was a stretched out old hag, right?!

I know I only have 46 days to go. I try not to be a big baby...really, I do!


  1. Man, I wonder how some women can have 12 kids!!! I know how you feel right now, just wishing this last leg would get over and done with! Hang in there and take it easy. Just six more weeks and he'll be here. :) Easy for me to say, huh?

  2. My expert opinion (ha), they act just the same way when they get out. Mine all mirror now, the way they acted in my belly. And my youngest - now 7 - NEVER stopped moving while I was pregnant. Ev-er. Like dance party all of the time.

    And now... he is the same way. He is the one that we have to say, Jaden, SIT STILL.

    Have fun!


  3. I am so excited. I know you can't wait to hold your baby boy!

    You are not a stretched out old hag either. Please!!! you make pregnancy look easy. Love ya!

  4. Stretched out old hag! LOL Paleeese! I'm feeling a lot of movement too as of late, he is break dancing! I'm also on edge we start going to the dr every 2 weeks now so I have something to look forward to!

  5. Aww it will all be so worth it in the end tho ;o)


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