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Jul 20, 2007

My girls

Tonight I cooked a traditional Guyanese dish that is similar to Chinese noodles with veggies and beef. The girls thought it would be fun to break out the chopsticks. They are determined to figure out how to use them even if it took an hour to eat. They both vowed to not cheat by using a fork. It turned out to be fun for them and they went back for seconds~!



  1. Your girls sure look like they are having a good time with those yummy noodles!

  2. You made Chowmein! We love that in our house. Now, that I can make, it just doesn't take like my mom's that's because she uses "Chinese Sauce" and I use Soy Sauce.

    Looks like your girls enjoyed it!

  3. Beautiful family! Funny use of chopsticks!

  4. HA HA that's so hot... My moms tried the chop stick thing w/ me back when i was their age... i didn't have the determination of your children thought it tortured me trying to use the sticks. I run from them to this day.

  5. yum!!!!!!!!! they are tooo cute! i'm too greedy, i would've just tipped the plate up to my mouth! LOL

  6. Looks delish - care to share your recipe?

  7. good eats. LOL
    now you can scrapbook these pictures

  8. In Singapore, we call it fried noodles. :)
    BTW, my eldest have the same t-shirt as your dd!!


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