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What vegetable are you?

Check out this great quiz from the fine folks at Juicy Juice and Nestle. You can find out what kind of veggie you and your kids are! Then you can print up a coupon to try the new Harvest Surprise Juice. They put veggies in the juice (to trick the little ones, I'm sure)! My children and I are all sweet potatoes~!


  1. Cool quiz. I am a hot pepper and my son's an onion. LOL. Vegetables in a juice (other than V8). Hmmm. I'm wondering how it will taste

  2. I'm a hot pepper and my daughter is a sweet potato. Cute! Had fun with this quiz. :)

  3. DJ LOVES this drink. I've tried it too. NOT BAD AT ALL!!! seriously! Warning, drink it all in THREE days or the fun stuff settles to the bottom and well ummmmmmmmmmm. YUCK! LOL

    p.s. i'm a hot peppa, dj is a carrot and danyelle is a carrot. ON POINT!!!! great quiz!


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