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Kids are like bottomless pits!!

School has been officially out for a little over a week now and I am finding myself in the grocery store about 4 times per week! How is it when school is in session my kids eat a good breakfast at home, lunch at school (sometimes cafeteria food or a home lunch), a snack after school, dinner, and then one last snack before bedtime. Now the kids wake up, eat breakfast, then a snack, another snack, lunch, snack again, one more snack, dinner, snack, snack, snack.....HELP!!! They are costing me way more with them being home. They are VERY active and are limited to a minimum amount of TV time so weight or health problems are not an issue. They are always doing something so there is little time for boredom. I may have to take on a part time job to feed them! What is so bad is I am finding myself munching more. The worse part of all is that all the "healthy" foods are so expensive so I am purchasing things that are less costly so that I can maintain some kind of budget. Does anyone have any good ideas for some low cost snacks that are still somewhat healthy?


  1. If you have a local farmer's market, you can probably stock up on tons of fruit! DJ goes wild over pineapple. Your girls are older, so, I'm sure they are sending you to the poor house! Ouch! :)

    Better yet, I posted my own issues with snacking on my blog. There's been some really great comments about suggestions on healthy snacks!

    p.s. you know i'm always cracking up when i come to your blog and see Ish on the bike. a bad boy on a turquoise and purple bike. uh-huh! ok :)


  2. Sometime I feel the same way about spending at the grocery store. I but most of our groceries at an organic supermarket and it can definitely get pricey. My son is much younger that your girls but I'm always looking for healthy snacks. I saw a recipe on Emril for granola bars that looks yummy and fruit and vegetables with dip is always a good and easy.

  3. just goes! one minute it's full, no space anywhere in the pantry or cabinets...

    two seconds later it feels like it's gone....

    - Jon
    - Daddy Detective

  4. We gained 3 extra kids for the next few weeks, so I know the feeling. Look for health foods that are on sale. I have to agree with Tanyetta. A Farmer's Market is an excellent idea! Fresh fruits and veggies for a snack. What about cheese? Cheese is usually reasonable enough. Your could also try making frozen juice pops. You could even get the kids involved with helping out. :)

  5. Popcorn. The old fashion kind that you pop in a pot on the stove. We used to make popcicles out of koolaid, you could use anything that you drink. The fresh fruit is comming in out at the State Farmers Market on Bluff Rd, I buy there all summer.

  6. Make your own granola. Lots of oat meal. Raisins and all kinds of nuts. Honey. Sugar or some other sweetener. Any other ingredient that looks like granola. Put oatmeal in oven abt 10 minutes at abt 250-300. Then add other ingredients, stir. Keep in oven 20 minutes.

    There are lots of granola recipes on the net, so if my times or oven temps are wrong, adjust. Oatmeal is comparatively cheap. You can use cheap nuts like peanuts. You DEFINITELY should use less sugar/sweetener than commercial products. Kids love it. Adults love it.


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