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Hello, I just wanted to share some information with you all when cooking dried beans. First I suggest that you soak your dried beans overnight. The next day when you are ready to cook them drain all the water out that the beans were soaking in an fill your pot up with fresh water. Bring your beans to a full boil. It might look a little something like this.

Kind of nasty looking huh? Most people don't realize that if you do not boil the gases out of your beans a couple times you end up eating it! Yuck!! Once all that white sediment comes floating up to the top you can drain your beans off and fill your pot up one more time and bring back to a boil again. It should look like this.

I would say that looks so much better. You might think it is a lengthy process but it really only adds about an extra 10 minutes on your time. Hey, you might have wasted that time doing mindless junk anyway! Beans are so good for you and they are full of fiber and protein, oh yes and very affordable. Enjoy!


  1. beans, beans, good for your heart!!! :)

  2. Besides dry beans, you could try garbanzo beans. They are great for making hummus sandwiches with.. And sooo yummy!


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