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Free Money Contest Update

I just wanted to clear up a few things that some of our awesome readers were uncertain about. In order to be eligible for your name to go in the drawing to win the cool prize, you must comment on any post on the blog. We will be counting comments from May 14-31, 2007. The more you post comments, the more chances you have to win... It's just that easy! If you are lucky enough to win, the photo that will be posted is one of your choice. I will keep my husband away, I promise! Oh yeah, speaking of my husband...he wants any of the "fellas" that want a photo posted on his "Bad Boys Club" section to feel free to email one (family friendly please!) and become a lifetime member. Gosh, that was so corny! :) Send us your comments and good luck!!


  1. i love contests! count me in.

    i will have D submit his photo for the BAD boys club


  2. Never been much of a bad boy. Have been a fat boy though.


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