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Embarassing your kids-The Right of Parents

This morning my younger daughter went on a school field study to Charleston, SC to the Cooper River Bridge and The Citadel. Since she was going a whole two hours away from home and would be gone all day, my husband and I thought we would be the good parents (since neither of us could attend) to take her to the pick up site to see her off. Her dad gets a little crazy with the camera and takes video clips as well as photos of all the kids and their families. As you can see on the photo to the left, she was making the mad dash to dodge her dad, the camera man!

After dropping the first child off we then took our middle school aged daughter to school. Her dad decides to jump out of the driver's seat (in the crowded carpool line) and pose for a photo. My poor child was so embarrassed since everyone was staring. It was pretty funny I have to admit. It is sort of cute now that I look at the photo- the children were asked to wear burgundy or orange to show remembrance for those that passed away in the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech. Look at that, dad and daughter wearing those very colors. SO sweet! I always said I would never embarrass my own children when I was a kid but it's just too much fun!!


  1. Thanks for visiting our blog, Sheliza! Yours looks very nice too. I'm not a mom yet, but I enjoyed browsing it a bit:o)
    Erin @ Frugal Living Journal

  2. Aww cute Daddy daughter picture. Yes the embarrassing is key, can be a very good motivating factor too (learned that from a very wise friend who would threaten her teenager with singing and dancing in front of his friends if he did not abide by the rules. Talk about scare tactic lol)

  3. Isn't that the main reason to have kids? LOL I love it :) toooo cute.

    We make sure we hug and kiss in front of our daughter just to get the ewwwwwwww gross response each and every time! LOL


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