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Apr 4, 2007

Mother and daughter

I was at the post office this morning patiently waiting in line to ship a package. I glanced over and noticed a cute little girl (probably about 3 years old) and her equally cute little mom. The mom was filling out a paper while her daughter was squirming around chatting to herself. She had one of those disposable cameras in her hand and was obviously trying to figure out how to take a photo. She was pressing the button but it just would not do anything. Her mom glanced down for a moment and decided to rewind the camera for her child and handed it back to her. The child then aims at her mom and her mom smiles really big and there it went...FLASH! The little girl cheered and smiled and everyone around them did the same. It was so sweet the way this mother and daughter looked at each other. I bet that photo will come out really nice! Well, maybe half of mom's head will be chopped off but I think it will be one of those precious shots you will always remember!

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