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Apr 9, 2007

Don't call me "Baby"!

I was strolling through the grocery store the other day with my daughters doing a little shopping for snacks for the week. We were having to dodge other carts because the store was very crowded (Spring Break week). We see one of the store managers and decide to say hello like we always do. He was having a conversation with a couple other men and pauses to speak to me. I was thinking he would say "Hello, I hope you found everything you needed" or "have a nice day". Instead he says "Hey Baby, how ya doing?" I was annoyed. I just do not understand why men think it is okay to call a woman baby, baby girl, sweetheart, etc... Maybe I am overreacting but I think it is rude to assume a woman that you have no romantic or personal relationship with likes to be called such names. I am sure he meant no harm but this seems to happen everywhere I go. You should see my girl's faces!! I could just hear the "oooohhh! I'm telling daddy!!!"


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