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My kids attend karate classes at Genova Family Karate and are first degree black belts as well as junior helpers. A couple of the moms that have children that take classes have recently started taking the adult karate class. We usually take a brisk walk around the track together(located around the building of the karate studio) and chat about 'mom stuff' while getting our exercise on. Of course they have been nagging me to join the class with them. My kids and hubby found out and they won't stop bugging me to join as well. Great, now if I do not at least try it out I will be a bad mom especially during those times I am encouraging the family to"try something new, you might like it!". I tell you, mothering sure can backfire on you when you least expect it! I have decided to try it out soon. I will let you all know how it worked out!


  1. Actually sounds like fun, I am for new ways to get a workout in.

  2. Well, Shel, did you give it a try? Tell "the Great" you will if he will get back to it! Holler when you go and I'll meet you there. Ladies and gents both - martial arts are a great way to get in shape and a number of styles are offered in the Columbia, South Carolina area as well as the state as a whole. Find one that is right for you!


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