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Apr 1, 2007

Tempting "Teen-sized" Booze

I was reading an article online this weekend and came accross a new product made by Anheuser-Busch called 'Spykes'. If you look at the photo to the right, it almost looks like cute bottles of nail polish, right? It is a malt beverage with 12% alcohol (like wine) and comes in 4 attractive flavors with caffieine and herbs. The beverage is being marketed as a flavor boost to beer and other drinks and being "the perfect shot". With prom time nearing, some health advocates and law enforcement are viewing it as being a hazard for teens since it is so small in size, it can easily be slipped into purses or pockets to conceal it. Also the retail is about 75 cents to 1 dollar making it more affordable for teens to get their hands on some.


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