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Try It, Before You Buy (Lots Of) It | Goodies Co. Taster's Box only $7/month #spon

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Have you ever purchased snacks for your family only to find out that they didn't like it? I have done that numerous times and it is such a waste of money. There is a fun new solution to fix that problem. Goodies Co. offers a Taster's box for the low cost of $7 a month. Each Taster's box contains 5-8 snacks that your family can sample. The good thing about it is you won't be wasting a full package in the event you don't like it. If you do like what you try, at least you know you won't waste your money on a full size! With so many subscription box services around, Goodies Co. Taster's boxes are a great value. You can't beat the Try It, Before You Buy (Lots Of) It method!
Goodies Co. Cereal

Goodies Co. Fall Box

Goodies Co. Winter Box
Goodies Co. Nuts

Another great incentive is At Goodies, your opinion matters, and you get rewarded for it. After you try your snacks, go back to the Goodies website and give a review of your box. By doing this you will earn points to redeem for rewards and free tastemaker boxes.

Here is how you can get started on receiving your own Goodies Co. Taster's box you will need to visit the Goodies promo page and enter the code JUNEVIP to instantly receive your invitation. Typically, there is a waitlist to get an invitation, however through our partnership with Goodies Co. you can skip the line and get right in.

Once you enter the code into the promo page, you will receive 2 emails from Goodies. The first will state you are in line for your invitation, the next will instantly tell you your invitation has arrived. This shows you how you skipped the line! So what are you waiting for? Start your Goodies Co. subscription today!
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