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Beautiful Flowering Trees That Would Enhance Any Garden

If you like flowers as well as trees, why not plant a couple of flowering trees? That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

There are hundreds of different types of flowering trees for you to choose between. So, I thought I would do a little bit of research and share the details of some of my favorites to help you to narrow down your choices.

Flowering fruit trees

I am going to start by speaking about flowering fruit trees, which actually covers quite a big group of trees. These days, it is easy to find ornamental cherry, plum, pear and crab apple trees. They are all hybrids of trees that produce blossoms, which then turns into fruit.

The way they have been bred means that they produce an enormous amount of blossoms. Far more than a natural fruit tree would. They do go on to produce fruit, but people rarely eat that as if you bought them from a farmer's market. You may have some success with making juice, jellies, and jams using them.
Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash
Of course, if you think you would like to eat what you grow you could always just buy a traditional cherry, apple, pear or plum tree. You will still get some nice blossoms, in the spring. Just nowhere near as much as you would if you were to plant ornamental varieties.
If you want to enjoy double the color for your money, take a look at purple-leaved plums. As the name suggests, once the blossoms have gone, you will still be able to enjoy the rich purple leaves.

Crape myrtles

These trees produce long-lasting, brightly colored flowers throughout the summer. You can buy both evergreen and deciduous varieties. There are about 50 varieties available, most of which can be trained to grow as a bush or a tree. Their versatility is part of the reason this family of plants is so popular. We have these all over South Carolina.


A lot of people assume that magnolias are bushes. This is because most of the ones they see have been kept short or have not enjoyed the growing conditions they need to grow into full-blown trees.

If you can, let yours grow it into a tree. It really is worth doing. They are stunning looking trees even when they are not in full bloom. So, if you have enough space and the right conditions, a magnolia tree would be a great addition to your yard.
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Another nice option is mimosas. These flowering trees have interesting leaves and produce a riot of complex flowers during very hot conditions. Keep a special eye out for varieties like the Chocolate Mimosa Silk Tree. These elegant trees feature stunning looking purple-colored leaves. They are not yet widely available. So, if you want to stand out, search out and buy one of these.


If you only have a small garden, take a look at redbuds. These compact trees bloom through the spring at the same time their distinctive glossy heart-shaped leaves grow in. They are nice and hardy, so you can plant them in most warm temperate climates.

Hopefully, one of the five suggestions above will appeal to you and suit your needs. If not, don’t worry, you can easily buy some nice flowering shrubs instead and let them grow rather than keep them trimmed back. Many varieties will reach 20ft, or more, once mature. This slide share style article tells you about 23 of the tallest ones.
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How Quickly Does A Tulip Poplar Grow Yearly?

Lately, we have been in a planting frenzy over at the Ismail home. We had all of our old, overgrown trees removed about two years ago. It was both a smart and dumb move at the same time. You see, we didn't think ahead about the fact that we would have zero shade in the hot summer months. Since having the trees removed, we have replanted new ones. We did a ton of research beforehand to ensure we got what would work for our zone and hopefully grow quickly enough to enjoy the shade before we become senior citizens.

One of the dozens of trees we decided on was the Tulip Poplar. We purchased two of them, one locally and the other from on online nursery located in our state. This tulip tree pictured below was planted late last summer and started off between 2-3 feet in height. So far since the spring completely sprung, it is now at 5 feet tall and climbing! There is still a lot of time left in the growing season so we are hoping for another few feet. This tree and the other one we bought seem to be growing overnight. I have read reviews where some people said they saw 8-10 feet of growth each year.

As you can see, the leaves are huge and they grow in dense clusters. When I was researching this tree, some people said the leaves get as large as full-size dinner plates. This is a good sign that in time, it will provide tremendous amounts of shade here in the 'Famously Hot' city of Columbia.

Something we learned along the way is to be super careful when watering your tulip poplar. You can't over-water, because it will completely drown out the roots and kill the tree. Ask me how I know this *ahem*. We only give it water once a week if it has not rained and the temperatures are over 90°. Also, we put down some fertilizer pre-spring and will probably do it again later on in the summer. The birds seem to be enjoying the trees and love to retreat from the heat among the dense foliage. Next up will be a couple bird baths to place next to each of our poplars. 

I'll be sharing more about our gardening adventures and some lawn care tips in upcoming posts. In the meantime, I'd love to know what you have planted this year. Do you have any wishlist plants or trees you would like to get in the future? Please share in the comments. Have a great weekend! 

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Ordering Trees Online- Is it Legit?

Have you ever considered ordering trees or plants online before, but was a bit skeptical? We have been planting trees in our yard since removing the old, overgrown ones. Thankfully for us, we were super lucky to score trees on clearance at our local home improvement stores. So far we have several evergreens, a corkscrew willow and a weeping cherry. Now that the pretty trees are in the ground, we decided on a pretty shade tree. I did many hours of research online and read probably close to one hundred reviews.

We finally settled on getting a Tulip Poplar tree. I went to a few local places and they wanted anywhere from $109-$170 for one. This didn't include delivery or planting. I'm sorry, that was just way too much for one tree. After getting the other ones for so little, I got spoiled and didn't want to spend a lot. I decided to take a chance and order a tulip poplar online for way less than half the cost of what I found locally. The company I used is actually located in SC about an hour from where I live, so this made me feel a little better. I figured if the trees are grown and harvested in SC, then they should be able to thrive. Here is what I got...

I was so thrilled to see how well the tree was packed and that it arrived in excellent shape. I ordered a 4-5 foot tree and got exactly that! The tulip poplar is expected to grow up to 30-50 feet with about 5-7 feet of growth each year. In the spring, it will have bright yellow tulip-like flowers that attract hummingbirds. The leaves will be big and broad, perfect for shade all summer long. In the fall, the leaves are supposed to turn a very bright yellow. It will be beautiful for all seasons! If you want to know where I ordered the tree from, send me an email.

My little guy was so excited to help his dad plant the tree while I supervised. Now we just have to keep it watered and watch it grow. I will post an update later in the year to let you all know how she's doing :)

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I remember many years ago when we first moved into our home, the front and back yard was littered with various trees, shrubs and bushes. The previous residents were renters and let's just say that yard maintenance was not a priority to them. My husband and I spent countless hours, weekend after weekend chopping, trimming, pruning and removing anything that was manageable for us to do ourselves. We were pretty certain that the yard trash collection guys hated us because there was always a pile of branches, bags of leaves or some time of yard debris for months on end. I think it took us a good 2 years to really get the yard under control. We did have some plum trees, one Bradford pear and a couple other big trees that up to this day, we really never knew what kind they were.

Of course when you have large trees so close to your house, there comes a lot of risk. Every storm that blew through, we would panic that a large branch would crash through our bedroom window or it would break and fall onto the roof. It finally came the point of letting it all go. In late December, we had our trees removed with the exception of the Bradford pear since it was not causing any problems. It was really hard watching the trees that our daughters used to climb and swing from the branches get cut down. They were just too overgrown and the roots were getting way out of control. We just couldn't risk keeping them anymore. When all of the trees were removed it looked and felt so strange outside. We no longer had shade and our back yard became overly plain and sad looking. I have hinted around to my husband for probably more than 7 years that I really wanted a willow tree in the back yard. Now that all of our trees were gone, it made him a bit more open to getting one planted for me. Of course, he complained that I wanted so badly to hire The Local Tree Experts to get rid of the other trees only to turn around to get more trees.

We were looking around our local Lowe's recently and noticed that all of their trees were on clearance. Although we were just browsing, we came across a willow tree. Even better, the clearance price was only $5.00! My husband did not hesitate to buy it for me. I'm pretty sure he was side-eyeing me just a pinch :)

So here she is, my lovely corkscrew willow! The branches are supposed to have a curvy shape as the tree grows and it is supposed to be pretty for all 4 seasons. I'm so happy to watch her grow and add some much needed beauty and shade (eventually) to my big, empty yard. My hubby even threw in a few evergreens on the fence line. We are planning to plant a poplar tree on the other side since we need a fast-growing tree to give some extra shade. I guess good things come to those who wait. Even better, on clearance!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend xoxo
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