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Beautiful Flowering Trees That Would Enhance Any Garden

If you like flowers as well as trees, why not plant a couple of flowering trees? That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

There are hundreds of different types of flowering trees for you to choose between. So, I thought I would do a little bit of research and share the details of some of my favorites to help you to narrow down your choices.

Flowering fruit trees

I am going to start by speaking about flowering fruit trees, which actually covers quite a big group of trees. These days, it is easy to find ornamental cherry, plum, pear and crab apple trees. They are all hybrids of trees that produce blossoms, which then turns into fruit.

The way they have been bred means that they produce an enormous amount of blossoms. Far more than a natural fruit tree would. They do go on to produce fruit, but people rarely eat that as if you bought them from a farmer's market. You may have some success with making juice, jellies, and jams using them.
Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash
Of course, if you think you would like to eat what you grow you could always just buy a traditional cherry, apple, pear or plum tree. You will still get some nice blossoms, in the spring. Just nowhere near as much as you would if you were to plant ornamental varieties.
If you want to enjoy double the color for your money, take a look at purple-leaved plums. As the name suggests, once the blossoms have gone, you will still be able to enjoy the rich purple leaves.

Crape myrtles

These trees produce long-lasting, brightly colored flowers throughout the summer. You can buy both evergreen and deciduous varieties. There are about 50 varieties available, most of which can be trained to grow as a bush or a tree. Their versatility is part of the reason this family of plants is so popular. We have these all over South Carolina.


A lot of people assume that magnolias are bushes. This is because most of the ones they see have been kept short or have not enjoyed the growing conditions they need to grow into full-blown trees.

If you can, let yours grow it into a tree. It really is worth doing. They are stunning looking trees even when they are not in full bloom. So, if you have enough space and the right conditions, a magnolia tree would be a great addition to your yard.
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Another nice option is mimosas. These flowering trees have interesting leaves and produce a riot of complex flowers during very hot conditions. Keep a special eye out for varieties like the Chocolate Mimosa Silk Tree. These elegant trees feature stunning looking purple-colored leaves. They are not yet widely available. So, if you want to stand out, search out and buy one of these.


If you only have a small garden, take a look at redbuds. These compact trees bloom through the spring at the same time their distinctive glossy heart-shaped leaves grow in. They are nice and hardy, so you can plant them in most warm temperate climates.

Hopefully, one of the five suggestions above will appeal to you and suit your needs. If not, don’t worry, you can easily buy some nice flowering shrubs instead and let them grow rather than keep them trimmed back. Many varieties will reach 20ft, or more, once mature. This slide share style article tells you about 23 of the tallest ones.
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