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Some things you may never hear

My blog buddy Sammy over at To Unravel is the King of random. Seriously, if you ever read his posts you would become completely immersed in his randomness. He wrote this one post entitled the Rootabaga line up and I put in my two cents. The point behind it all was listing 10 things you will NEVER hear. Some are from people, some are even from inanimate objects. Either way, I'm 99% sure you will never ever ever ever hear! So here we go, my 10 things are:
  1. Wow, that Nikki Minaj is a true talent!
  2. No problem random stranger, I will gladly change your baby's poopie diaper.
  3. Pam Anderson's body and face look so natural!
  4. I'd like to order one brussel sprout burger with a side of eggplant fries.
  5. Can't wait for the price of gas to go up!
  6. I wish the laundry would never end.
  7. I want a parking ticket so badly.
  8. Scraping wallpaper is so much fun!
  9. Oh please let this tree fall on my house!
  10. I'd prefer my Chinese food be prepared by Italians.
Play along if you wish!
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