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Jan 8, 2009


Last night my hubby updated his Facebook account and was typing a comment in response to and old high school ID card photo. Our oldest daughter Chardonnay was with us and watched her dad as he typed away.

My comment to his photo was "Oh lawd, and I married you anyway! LOL!"

He then responds to say something dumb along the lines of "and yes, you continue to praise the heavens above everyday. lol!" *coughs...whatever!*

Chardie then says Uh Bawbie and Papo...LOL??? You are not cool! Please don't think you are just because you say lol!! We laughed so hard and explained that lol has been around a while now, even before she knew it existed.

We then go into the conversation about how kids these days think they came up with everything. For instance the word swagger. Youngsters think this is a word of their time since some rapper put it in a song and made a big hit out of it. Sorry kids, swagger is an old timey word :P I just love listening to my kids points of view on things. They are hysterical!

At the end of the conversation Dwayne and I both claim that we are indeed cool. Chardie agreed that I was cool but that Papo was a straight up fool! Now that one deserves a big LOL!!!
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