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Getting Engaged with Moissanite Gems

It is no news that sparkling jewelry has been the choice adornment of most women for many years. But changing times result in changes in taste as well as changes in trends. Diamonds over time have become increasingly expensive to where most people cannot afford to buy them. The changing times has caused customers, who would consider nothing short of a diamond some years back, to purchase moissanites. Moissanites are unique in themselves and are not fake diamonds or diamond replicas. Moissanites are increasingly being considered due to its characteristic brilliance and reduced overall cost.

Unlike diamonds, moissanites do not raise ethical concerns largely because they are synthetic. In order to resolve the ethical concerns about diamonds, synthetic diamonds are reasonable alternatives to original mined diamonds. Moissanites are more astonishing to behold due to its bright array of colors. What's more? They come at affordable prices as moissanite engagement rings have eased their way onto ring fingers when diamonds simply have not been affordable.

Does That Make Them Fake Diamonds?

While it is easy to say false things about a competitive product, there is no theoretical evidence to back the suggestion posed by some diamond purists that moissanite is a diamond replica. In fact, moissanite is made up of laboratory produced silicon carbide which differs from diamond, which is composed of densely packed carbon atoms. The obvious different in their composition suggests differences in their properties.

Although moissanites 'diamond' engagement rings can be obtained at a reduced cost in comparison to diamond, it would be inappropriate to consider them an inferior class of jewelry. Moissanites have a hardness of 9.5 while diamonds have a hardness of 10 on a scale that measures the hardness of different gemstones. The refractive properties of moissanite gives off a light spectrum which is twice that produced by diamond. 

Understand Moissanite Discovery

Silicon carbides were discovered in 1906 by Henri Moissan. This carbide was erroneously said to come from space due to its closeness to a meteorite crash site around the time of its discovery. But the silicon carbide has been noted to exist naturally on Earth. Silicon carbide cannot be used as jewelry in its raw form. Subjecting the compound to laboratory procedures yields the jewel known as moissanites. Unfortunately, fraud is prevalent in the jewelry industry. In order to make sure the moissanite purchased is not a fake or stolen product, there is a form of hallmark or paperwork which is linked back to the only company permitted by law to produce moissanites; a company owned by Charles and Calvard.

Should I Spend My Money on Moissanite?

Moissanites is worth the cost. Making a choice between diamond and moissanite seems to be an already made choice. Based on your budget and your concerns with ethical processes, you can choose which gemstone works for you. The violence and environmental hazards involved with diamond mining have long been in existence. Moissanite poses no such threat. Not to mention the excellent brightness, sparkle, and rainbow glow. Undoubtedly, moissanite is a gemstone worth your money.
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