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Hair Loss: What is Hereditary Hair Loss and How Do You Treat the Condition? (Giveaway)

There are so many transitions women go through as they age and it's not always easy to deal with. I am officially over 40 and have had a rude awakening with getting older. Heredity has hit and I have been going through so many changes including hair thinning. Let me tell you about it--- I have always had tons of thick, luxurious hair. It has been one of those things that most people who knew me when I was younger, remembers me by. My hair was so thick that of you put your had on top of my head, you felt a blanket of hair to the point that you could not feel my scalp at all. Things have changed significantly. With being older and going through hormonal changes, my hair has thinned out a whole lot. Most people would disagree since my hair is still long. Trust me, I do not have the thickness I once did and fear it will only get worse. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day, but anything over 150 can be signs of a problem. I'm guessing the fact that I can gather up almost enough hair from the floor, furniture and shower drain to make a full braid is an indication for me that I need to take action now.

Heredity hair loss has played a huge role in my hair changes. It turns out that hair thinning is not uncommon and 1 in 3 women will experience it in their lifetime, as early as their 20's. Most of the women in my family have thinning hair to where you can see their scalp, especially along the top where you part it. It takes a lot of creativity to style it so that you can fake like you have thicker hair. Thankfully there are products today to help fight the issues associated with hair thinning and hair loss. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is the first and only FDA-approved once daily treatment with 5% minoxidil proven to regrow hair.
Women's ROGAINE® Topical Aerosol can be purchased without a prescription. It can be used on any hair type including those who color or perm their hair.
The application process is very simple. The foam can be applied once a day, morning or night. Just part your hair to expose areas that need it the most and apply and allow to dry. The foam is so lightweight and does not cause any buildup on hair.
The safety cap works well to keep kids away from it. I had a hard time getting it off at first.
The key to managing hereditary hair loss is treating it at the earliest signs with Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, which is clinically proven to regrow hair in 81%* of women with new hairs growing in up to 48%** thicker than before. There is a wealth of information about Women's ROGAINE on their website so be sure to visit. They offer styling tips and have videos as well. If you want to try the product out, be sure to grab a coupon here.

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