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My first opinion of Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock

I received two bottles of Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock a couple days ago. I am a person that tends to smell everything before trying it so I just had to sniff the product. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not smell like typical sunblock. I applied some to my clean face and neck and then onto my arms. The true test was what it felt like after I applied it. Shockingly, it was almost power-like instead of the traditional greasy or thick feeling I get from other products. I went outside today to work in the yard and it was HOT. My skin remained smooth and I did notice that the scent of sunblock came through as I was exposed to the sun. Gladly it was not an offensive scent. So far so good. I will continue to use the product daily and report my thoughts. Until next time...

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