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My first opinion of Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock

I received two bottles of Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock a couple days ago. I am a person that tends to smell everything before trying it so I just had to sniff the product. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not smell like typical sunblock. I applied some to my clean face and neck and then onto my arms. The true test was what it felt like after I applied it. Shockingly, it was almost power-like instead of the traditional greasy or thick feeling I get from other products. I went outside today to work in the yard and it was HOT. My skin remained smooth and I did notice that the scent of sunblock came through as I was exposed to the sun. Gladly it was not an offensive scent. So far so good. I will continue to use the product daily and report my thoughts. Until next time...

Shelly, Mom Files

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  1. You look so good!

    Let us know how it works, I will be interested to see if you love it. I need something for daily use.

    Also I need some advise on sunblock for kids, the spray is so convenient, but sooooo greasy and sticky. Presley hates the spray, mainly because she got sprayed in the face by Jaimen, and she HATES me to put the lotion on her too, but I need to find something great for my fair skinned children without buying everything on the market.


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