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Beginners Guide to Whiskey Drinking

Starting with a milder whiskey and cleaning your palate with water in between each sip is recommended for beginners. Adding water can also open up the flavors of the whiskey by diluting it. There are many different types of whiskey, and they all have unique flavor profiles. The most common are bourbon, Tennessee, and rye whiskeys. 


If you're new to whiskey, trying different kinds might seem like it could be safer. There are so many different flavors and aromas to choose from! However, the good news is that there's whiskey for everyone. The key to finding your favorite is experimenting with it and finding a reputable store like Curiada, which has many options. When you're drinking whiskey, take a moment to enjoy the smell. The nose has five million olfactory cells that can detect 32 primary aromas. You'll notice a lot of hints of the whisky's flavor in its scent. If you're a beginner, having a whiskey aroma wheel handy is helpful to help you identify the different smells and flavors. These are similar to wine aroma wheels and help you identify a whiskey's characteristics.  Whiskey is one of the most versatile drinks, and you can enjoy it in many ways. Whether you prefer your whiskey neat or in a cocktail, knowing how to enjoy it properly is essential. This comprehensive guide to whiskey for beginners will help you learn everything you need to know about the spirit. When tasting whiskey, sniff it before you take a sip. It allows you to detect more aromas and flavors the spirit offers. If you are new to sniffing, try experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for you. Be careful not to inhale too hard, or you could have a sore nose! When drinking whiskey, drinkers recommend using a large chunk of ice. It is because more giant ice cubes melt slower and will dilute the whiskey less quickly. Then, gently swirl the whiskey in your mouth before swallowing it. It is known as the 'mouthfeel' and is when you can experience all of the flavors that the whiskey has to offer.


The mouthfeel of whiskey can be complex for newcomers to accept. While it's partly a matter of physiology, it also depends on the individual's expectations and culture. For this reason, it's best to start with a standard whiskey drink before trying something more complex. Ideally, whiskey should be drunk neat or with only a tiny amount of ice. It allows you to experience the whiskey's authentic flavors. However, it's important to note that adding ice can change the flavor and texture of the spirit. It can also numb the taste buds, making picking subtle flavor notes more challenging. Many enthusiasts recommend drinking whiskey with a few ice cubes, which helps open up the spirit and bring out its flavors. However, there may be better ideas for beginners, as they can quickly mask the drink's complexity and make it unpalatable. 

Add water or ice

There are many ways to enjoy whiskey, and while some whiskey connoisseurs may frown upon adding water or ice to their drinks, there is no right or wrong way to consume it. What matters is that you find a method of drinking that maximizes your enjoyment. Whether it's a cut-crystal Glencairn glass, a well-organized ritual, or a brown paper bag, that's up to you. Adding water to a whiskey can help dilute it, which opens up more flavors. However, the type of water and how much you add will alter the taste, so it's essential to experiment with different styles. Filtered tap or spring water can make a difference since they have no chemicals. If you add ice, it's best to use more giant ice cubes or even ice balls, as they melt slower and dilute the whiskey slowly. Also, avoid adding too much ice, as it can numb your taste buds and make the whiskey too cold. 

Add garnish

As you become more comfortable with whiskey, you should experiment with garnishes. Adding a garnish can help you identify different flavors and aromas in the whiskey. It can also add a bit of color to your drink. Try using a lemon twist or a simple cherry to add color to your whiskey. You can enjoy it independently, but it's also a great addition to cocktails. Many novices prefer to mix whiskey with a mixer to get started, and there are many standard cocktails that you can try. Alternatively, you can use a low-calorie mixer. When drinking whiskey, you must take small sips and roll the whiskey around your mouth before swallowing. It will allow you to experience the whiskey's full flavor and texture. You can also add ice to your whiskey, but it's best to use large pieces of ice so that they melt slowly. It will prevent your whiskey from diluting too quickly. You can also use whiskey stones and soapstone chunks that chill your drink without diluting it.


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