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Clever Ways To Make Your New Business Premises Standout From The Crowd

Drawing customers into a new business is vital to its growth and survival. And while advertising and word of mouth are integral to this, ensuring your business premises stand out from the crowd is equally essential. There is a glut of commercial websites online, meaning it's surprisingly easy to get lost in cyberspace, so an instantly recognizable presence is equally vital online as physically. In order to be successful in the physical world of shops, there are so many elements to keep on top of. For example, if your premises don't feel safe to the customer, you will have to invest in some alarms (more info here) to ensure they feel as safe as possible. Also, decoration and furniture choices are key when it comes to bringing customers in! 

Check Out Your Competition

If you don't know what you're trying to stand out from, it's hard to achieve the end goal. As such, before choosing color schemes and signage, you need to scout out the competition. Once you know what you're up against, then you can make your business stand out by doing something different like using channel letter signs. Looking at the online presence of other similar companies can also give you an advantage; for example, if they aren't using social media, there's a convenient advertising gap.


For a business with physical premises, signage is essential as it helps customers identify where they are. Internal signage is vital for customer service, as no one likes feeling lost, meaning an adequately signposted business will do better than one that leaves it vague. Printed Dibond signs are a cost-effective and stunning-looking option that works both outside and inside. Have your storefront sign, interior signage, and artwork printed to Dibond for a long-lasting, contemporary look. 


Implementing a robust and cohesive advertising campaign is vital to be seen in the cyberworld. This cohesion will help people recognize and identify your business instantly wherever they see your name. Spend time planning the color scheme and logo for your business, making it relevant, unique, and slick. Then implement it across online and offline advertising, from the storefront to social media and print ads. 

Break The Mould

Don't be afraid of choosing a unique look when choosing furniture and furnishing. Mass-produced office furniture and homeware can be cheap, but it’s so common it can be hard to give individual personality. Where appropriate, look for something different, such as recycled furniture in a cafĂ©, an upcycled statement piece in a meeting room, or rustic-looking shelving. A unique slant not only creates an attractive working environment for staff but will create a mental hook that sticks in customers' minds, helping draw them back.

Superb Customer Service

Give excellent customer service, and you'll steadily grow a loyal customer base who happily recommend your company far and wide. It doesn't matter how good your business premises look and how comfortably set out the inside is; long-term people will avoid you without excellent customer service. Negative feedback always travels faster than the good, so a half-hearted to poor customer service reputation is exceedingly detrimental to business growth.

When you consider all the possibilities and eventualities, it doesn’t take much hard work to create new business premises that will stand out from its competitors, both physical and online. 

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