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3 Internet Marketing Ideas for Tech Companies


Have your marketing brainstorming sessions hit a dead end? Are your current strategies to market your technology falling short of set goals? Here you will find some unique marketing strategies and ideas that will help boost your online visibility and presence, attracting the right potential leads.

Why Should a Tech Company Market Itself?

No matter the niche, every organization needs marketing. Marketing is the fuel that drives more traffic to your organization’s website, staying at the front in your customers’ minds, creating new subscribers, leads and customers. Without an Internet marketing strategy, potential customers may not even know you exist, even as they look for products and services you offer.

With great marketing, a tech organization like yours will reach more potential customers, educate the leads on why they should take on your services and create long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. Of course, the main challenge is finding out what online marketing ideas will take your tech organization to the next level.

1. Exchange Your Best Content for Email Addresses

If you do not want to offer your most valuable content to people free, you really do not have to. Instead, consider sending your content by selectively choosing emails or requiring email addresses first in exchange for the content. This strategy will prove valuable in the end.

For example, if your organization has a cloud application that integrates merchant credit services for small businesses, you can have a detailed guide to using the application. Restrict access to the guide until visitors to your website enter their name, company name, email address, or any other information you want. Many users  don’t like to enter a long list of information to get your  content, so  be selective in what you request.After entering the information, the visitor is automatically subscribed to your mailing list or you can channel them to a specific email campaign depending on their niche market.

2. On-Site Forms for Leads

However, you do not need to rely on a single contact form, email address or phone number to attract leads. You can use many alternate methods to convert potential subscribers or customers into leads. Pop-ups are great because they are attention grabbing; unfortunately, few Internet users like them.

If you are not a fan of pop-ups and do not want them on your website, consider adding a Contact Us box on virtually every page on your website. The contact box allows potential leads to have a method of contacting you whenever and wherever they are on your website.

3. Create and Publish Educational Content

If you have not started, this is the best time to start producing content for your website in the form of videos, guides, whitepapers, or posts. Whether you are providing software or hardware solutions, there is a lot to benefit from content that educates customers. The content you post or send to your customers should answer their questions and help them make smarter buying decisions.

Content should not be hyper-focused on your organization’s products and services, it should be relevant to your niche and, most importantly, what your leads are interested in. For example, if you produce networking hardware, you can provide content that will be most helpful to individuals looking for networking solutions. Some of the topics you could focus on include guiding on how to set up networks, blog posts on wireless network security, a video on how to install the equipment or a review of time-tracking software like Clockspot.


Typically, the content should not push visitors into buying your product, but should help you to rank high in search engines and attracting more customers. In fact, 37 percent of marketers agree that blogs on business websites are most valuable in content marketing. This means that you should post your content on a regular basis for the campaign to be successful.

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