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4 Reasons Why Sweet & Spicy is the Best Flavor Combination

Sweet and spicy, also known as sweet heat, is such a classic and delicious combination- yet many forget to include it in their diets.  Not only is there room for this in every meal and dessert, but it's also something you might find yourself starting to crave over time. 

These are the top four reasons why sweet and spicy are the best flavor combination and why everyone should give it a try.  

Complex Flavors Expand Our Palate 

The more complex the flavor, the more it’ll expand what you’ll be willing to enjoy.  If you find yourself enjoying chili and cucumber popsicles, you might be more willing to branch out and try other options.

This is most important when you're raising a family and you want your children to have a balanced and interesting diet.  The more foods they try and enjoy, the more likely they'll be to want to try new things and be adventurous with foods and experiences.  This is a healthy way to spark curiosity in your children.

It Makes You Hungrier For More

Although capsaicin in a lot of spicy foods will lower your appetite: sugar can expand it and make you hungrier.  This means that the more sweet and spicy foods you eat and enjoy, the more you'll want!  If you're struggling to get yourself to eat breakfast in the morning but want to start doing it as a healthy habit, you can simply spread mango pepper jelly on your toast and watch as you start getting an appetite for it in the morning.  This can help create a more balanced lifestyle in the long run.  

There’s More Creativity in What You Can Make

If you realize you have a love for sweet heat, you may be more willing to try new combinations and flavors to see if you enjoy them, like candied spicy bacon or spicy hot chocolate to warm you in the winter.  Getting to be creative with these combinations will leave you excited to try new things and ready to introduce them to other people. 

It’s Awesome for Entertaining

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of hosting a party is waiting to find out if your guests like the food you're offering.  We all want to try something new, and give people the chance to have unique experiences, so creating something sweet and spicy for a party or event can allow people to try something new in a controlled environment where they didn't pay for it.  You might be able to spark a love for sweet and spicy combinations in someone else, which can lead to them wanting to swap recipes with you or try new things.  It's an awesome way to make friends or ensure you can keep the ones you have.

Sweet and Spicy Combinations Should Be In Every Diet

Whether you're ready to try new things or you want to stick to what's tried and true, it's a good idea to get to know all of the different flavors out there.  Sweet and spicy are a combination nobody could ignore.  

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