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Can a Sports Watch Give You Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

A couple months ago, I started experiencing some weird sensations in the tip of my thumb. It initially occurred when I was harvesting okra from my garden. It almost felt like my finger was pricked by a splinter, and was a bit tingly. It felt like teeny tiny electric pulses concentrated in my fingertip. When I carefully examined my finger, I saw no signs of a splinter, but more of a pink spot. Then I thought to myself that perhaps it was an insect bite. I decided to watch it for a few days to see what would happen. 

Day after day, it was the same feeling. It felt like a part of a splinter was left in my finger coupled with little electric pulses. This went on for 3 weeks. By that time, it started to skip around to different spots on that same finger. I was definitely able to rule out a splinter at that point because it's not possible for it to move to another spot. I did some online research and I saw mentions of nerve problems associated with diabetes as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. I was able to rule out the diabetes part, and the carpal tunnel had me confused since my wrist seemed fine. 

After going into 7 or 8 weeks of this, the tingling sensation started to jump to a couple other fingers on the same hand. Things started getting uncomfortable at this point so I started to get desperate to get to the bottom of it. I knew I have a an upcoming appointment with my doctor, so I decided to wait out the week before I was going to see her. I did one last bit of research and wondered if a sports watch could cause CTS. After all, I do wear my sports watch during every waking hour and also to bed to track my sleep. The only time I ever really take it off is when I have to shower or enter water for any reason. There was no real evidence that this was the case, until I decided to try something. I took the watch off and within an hour, the electric sensation started to spread throughout my hand and wrist. 

I was so shocked and realized that the watch was the culprit. I saw my doctor the next day and explained what had been going on. She confirmed that it sounded like a mild case of carpal tunnel, and suggested keeping the watch off for a while. She told me if I absolutely couldn't live without it to wear it on the opposite wrist and be sure to not wear it at night. I took her advice, and I now feel 100% relief. I am no longer having any uncomfortable sensations in my fingers or wrist. 

If you wear a sports watch all the time, I highly recommend that you don't wear it as tight if you can help it. I have very tiny wrist, so in order for it to stay put, I pretty much have to wear it on the tightest slot. I left the watch off for a few days, and have started back wearing it on the opposite wrist being sure to leave a tiny gap so that this does not happen again. In the event this happens to you, I suggest taking Ibuprofen only as needed, keep your wrist elevated when you can, limit time on devices, and keep the area warm. Cold temperatures will set it off easily. It's all about resting your hand as much as possible. 

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