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5 Reasons You May Qualify For Special Enrollment

Each year, those who rely on Obama care plans for health insurance sign up during the open enrollment period with the ability to stick with or select a new plan in the upcoming year. There are also several reasons why a person may qualify to sign up or change their plan outside of open enrollment, including: 

1. Change in Marital Status

If you got married or divorced outside of an open enrollment period, you will likely qualify to sign up for a new plan. Married individuals often sign on to a joint plan, which tends to be more economical than having two individual plans. 

Those who get divorced are also able to sign onto a new plan as an individual or with children, instead of having to stay on a joint plan with a former spouse. 

2. Moving Somewhere New

Moving is a stressful time for many, especially if you are headed to a new zip code. If you are moving to a new home within the same zip code, you aren't likely to qualify for a new health plan unless the move is accompanied by another qualifying event. 

If you are moving to a new zip code, you will qualify for special enrollment and you can pick a new plan that covers doctors and other healthcare costs in your new area. 

3. Fluctuations in Your Income

Although many people receive a yearly salary or hourly wage and can expect a steady income throughout the year, others earn their living from freelance or gig work. Others still may experience a change in income if they get a promotion at work or lose their jobs and all of which may be qualifying events for a special enrollment period. 

Not all changes in income constitute a special enrollment period, but it's helpful to check with a healthcare specialist when you experience significant income fluctuations to see if you qualify. 

4. Changes in Household Size

Those who welcome a new child into their household, whether through birth or adoption, have plenty to think about, including a change in their healthcare plans. Those who experience a death in the household, or a household member simply moves to another location, must also update their profile in the system and may qualify for the special enrollment period. 

5. Altered Disability Status

If you or someone in your household has either become disabled or has recovered from injuries that kept them from working or everyday tasks, this change in disability status is likely to qualify you for a special enrollment period. 

The plans available to you and your family may be completely different when there is a disability in the household, or the plans may be offered at a different price. 

There are several life changes that may allow you to sign up for an Obamacare plan or change your current plan even outside of the open enrollment period. Any time you experience a significant life change, be sure to update that in the system to see if you need to pick a new plan. 


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