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What Does Family Medicine Consist Of?

The concept of the family doctor is strongly linked to the origin of family medicine. Advances in society, technology, and medicine have made this specialty to be seen more as integrative medicine, which means that the doctor is close to the patient and his family, and applies multidisciplinary with a team of professionals from different areas. 

The Entire Family 

Family medicine is dedicated to answering continuous and integral health problems of adults and children together as a family, considering the bio-medical, psychological, social, or spiritual to deliver a diagnosis. The family doctor treats all types of patients, whether they are healthy or sick people, and is present throughout the patient's life cycle (from newborn children to the elderly) to promote healthy lifestyles and preventive measures to take care of their health. Dr. Francene Gayle is one such physician.

The Specialists

Specialists in this area are often the first contact for patients. They work in an organized manner together with other professionals, acting as the family's medical team to guide what to do, and where to go, if they need to be referred to the corresponding specialist and, in this way, have adequate clinical control. In the United States, family medicine has its origins dating back more than three decades, but it has been in the last ten years when it experienced its greatest growth. The family doctor is the one who the patient can trust, know the reality in which they live with their family, solve their usual problems efficiently and help to choose, at a given moment, the place or specialist to handle their medical needs

Diagnosis and Treatment

Family medicine has become an alternative to address the health problems presented by individuals, which undergoes changes on all fronts: social, economic, cultural, and educational. It is for this reason that the specialist in this area will make a diagnosis to find solutions for major diseases and provide treatment, so the patient can feel better. Any patient who wants to take care of their health prevents the appearance of diseases, detects them early, or requires comprehensive management should consider going to a family physician, who will carry out therapeutic work to deliver a diagnosis and discuss further actions to be taken.

Family medicine is based on the values ​​and competencies of the specialty, deepening its knowledge and clinical skills for the benefit of the family, which guarantees close, warm, and highly decisive care. The family doctor is responsible for ensuring the long-term health of the same patient. This creates a relationship between doctor and patient essential to maintain good health and lifestyle. Your family doctor is the one who best knows the state of your health since he closely monitors and manages your well-being and how your environment can influence you. This, added to the knowledge the family physician has from the other branches of medicine, makes the work much more effective and helps you prevent diseases.


Now that you know more about this specialty of medicine, remember that you have the opportunity to receive care focused on your needs from your own family doctor. Put into practice healthy habits that your family doctor tells you, so you can prevent illnesses. Remember that your well-being is your commitment.


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