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Jan 29, 2021

What is TRICARE Authorized Urgent Cares?

If you are a military person, a retired or an active-duty member, a member of the Reserve, a family member, or a veteran, you are entitled to subsidize or free dental and medical care. A program developed helps the military members access better healthcare and have full treatment for any type of recovery.

This program is relatively new, but the origin of the idea dates far back. Back in the days, before the Civil War happened, the healthcare for the military members was sort of primitive. There was no centralized system, and the care was more or less limited.

After the Civil War finished, there were noticeable improvements in the overall system. WWI saw development and progress in the health system, starting with the structure and ending with the organization.

Healthcare has now formed in the most delicate and most sophisticated shape we’ve known after a long period. There are several medical healthcare programs, but the largest one is the “TRICARE For Life.” Continue your reading on the following website:

TRICARE Authorized Urgent Cares

You might have read something about this program, but you are not quite sure what it is—nothing to worry about because everything you need, you will find in this guide. So, let’s begin.
TRICARE is a program of the US Department of Defense. This health care program has been formed onto the existing one known as the CHAMPUS, or Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services.

These types of plans are there to help the members mentioned-above to get better healthcare. The program is managed and operated by the DHA, Defense Health Agency. The TRICARE Urgent Care is an authorized provider that offers health care for every type of plan.  

With This Urgent Care plan, you will be able to visit a clinic instead of going to a doctor even without a referral. If you or a family member has an illness, injury, allergies, etc., they would have the chance to be treated with this type of service. What types of TRICARE are there?

For life concept

This type of program is almost sell-explanatory. Back in the day, the plan didn’t cover medical care for people over 65. Instead, they would need to rely on Medicare. But now the TRICARE for Life program offers care for life!

You won’t be asked to enroll earlier in advance, so no rush there. The only thing you would need to do is to be part of Medicare Part B. You should know that TRICARE authorized urgent care will offer care for non-life threatening conditions like flu, allergies, ear infections, minor sprains and strains… etc.

Prime concept

Prime is the first of the three program types designed for members of the military. It offers a great variety of benefits, and it has proven to be quite successful over the years. If you are familiar with the concept of HMO, this program has a large number of similarities.

If you are a member who is actively on duty, you will be automatically enrolled. You would most likely receive your care in a local, base hospital. For other healthcare, specialist care, your primary care provider in the base hospital need to refer you to the appropriate specialist.

However, there is another concept called the POS, which means Point of Service. This POS concept option, you will be entitled to additional options that will offer you extra healthcare services.

Extra & Standard concept

The last of the three is this one, but it is not the least one for sure. If you think that the prime isn’t as flexible as you would want it to be, then the extra and standard would fit you perfectly. Although it is a little bit costlier than the previous one, it offers many more advantages.

Just like in the prime one, you wouldn’t need to enroll in advance. Only shows your ID Card, and you will be entitled to the appropriate medical care. Learn more here.

How to fill a prescription? 

There are a couple of different ways to finish the filling of the prescriptions using TRICARE. The first one is to order your medications through mail or any other online type. The second way is to use the specially designed medical military pharmacies, which are located at MTF, a military treatment facility.
You can receive your medications for free and get a supply for 90 days straight. The other two types are network and non-network pharmacies. The cost of supplying yourself through one of these networks can differ depending on various factors, so be sure to do a little research before you order anything.

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