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Oct 19, 2020

Perks of Being the Designated Driver

When a group is getting together to drink, it's important to determine a designated driver before the party starts. Many people see the designated driver as the unlucky one — the person who has to sit the night out and babysit. This is not the case. Being your group's driver has some hidden perks and you can have just as much fun — if not more — as everybody else. 

Free Beverages

Any responsible drinker understands DUI laws and knows how important designated drivers are, and many venues show their appreciation for this role by providing free soda or coffee. Be sure to mention to the bartender or server that you are the driver when ordering your soda. If the bar or restaurant doesn't provide this for you, there's a good chance your friends will — after all, you're the linchpin of the party.

Timeless Photos 

When you are helping your friends get around safely, you have a very unique position: you're the sober one. That may seem obvious, but being the sober person in the group means you're seeing things in a way the others aren't. Keep your camera at the ready, because your friends are bound to do something that will be worth laughing at once they sober up. When done in good fun, these photos can become an expected tradition within the group — whoever drives can also be expected to document the night's high jinks. 

Avoiding Regrets

In vino veritas (Latin for "in wine, there is truth"), but in soberness, there is discretion. Throughout history, people have woken up the next morning only to find out the may have said something they had intended to keep to themselves. Making sure you're in full control of what you say or do is especially valuable if you are around people you may have something to say that you'd rather keep as an internal dialogue. 

Speaking of waking up the next morning, if you don't drink, you can't have a hangover. This is particularly valuable if the party is part of an important event, such as the night before a wedding. 

Calling the Shots 

Perhaps one of the better parts of taking on the role of the driver is that you become the decision-maker. You get to decide how many stops will be made, what music you listen to in the car and where you'll eat. Your car; your rules.

Maybe best of all, when you decide you're done and want to go home, the others either have to leave when you decide to leave or pay for a cab. If any member of the group is not coming home with you for whatever reason, it is your job to ensure they have a safe ride home secured before you separate.

Being the designated driver is much more than being the person who can't drink. You'll not only create good memories by staying sober, but you'll also show your friends you care about them and want them to have a good time. The driver's job is to make sure everyone is safe, and by no means does that mean sitting the night out. 


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