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Sep 29, 2020

How RedDrop is Helping Parents Prepare for Their Daughter's First Period

If you are a woman, you probably would never want to revisit those years when your body and emotions took on huge changes. I remember growing up in a strict home where talking about the changes a girl's body goes through during puberty was a bit taboo. I don't understand why that was the case when every girls' body will change and they will get their period. I unfortunately had to learn from school and friends. Thankfully I knew I had to do a better job as a mom to my own daughters when the time came. 

It's definitely not a fun talk to have with your daughters, but a very necessary one. After all, you don't want them to feel bad about something that is natural. If you have young daughter, it's a good idea to have a plan to discuss what to expect when she gets her period for the first time. 

RedDrop is the first feminine hygiene brand designed specifically to empower school age girls. They offer a subscription service just for girls. The Red Drop period kit is a must-have for every girl. It is filled with everything she will need to feel confident for when her period starts. Check out the kit: 

The RedDrop Period Kit contains everything a girl needs for the moment her cycle begins. They will ship the following pieces directly to your door, packaged to remind her that she's special:
  • 30 Everyday Pads for daily use 
  • 14 FlowDay Pads for heavy flow days
  • 14 FlowNight Pads for a comfortable night's sleep
  • 12 Feminine Wipes individually wrapped for easy carry
  • 1 Hand Bag to discreetly carry it all
  • 1 Special Gift just for her

No need to select a size or level of absorbency. They pack each option she'll need, so she's ready for whatever life throws at you both. The retail price for the period kit is $29.99. The packaging is super nice, and I love the little pouch that can be refilled with feminine products for your daughter to toss in her purse, book bag or gym bag. 

The plus side of this kit is that the products are made just for a smaller size body. Many of the pads available in stores are definitely too big for most girls' bodies. This period kit would be well-received as a gift, and a great way to discuss this time of her life. I can see sending this to your daughter, niece, or any friend or family member getting ready to go through this milestone. Be sure to check out RedDrop at their website and social channels ( Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). 

Many thanks to RedDrop for sending us a kit so we can share the news about the brand. 


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