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Keep Your Electronics Charged While On-The-Go With The Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank

Do you ever think about what your life would be like without any electronic devices? I am quite certain most if us would be lost! There is a not a day that I'm not using my phone, laptop or tablet. They have become a such a big part of daily life whether it's for work, keeping up with friends on social media or simply listening to music or playing a game to relax. I recall recently being at our local precinct to vote in the primary election. We had no idea that we were going to be standing in line for 4.5 hours. Guess who had their phones on only a half charge? It's a horrible feeling when you watch the phone battery bar go in the red, and slowly deplete. 

With all of us being super dependent on our electronics, especially with more people working from home and kids doing virtual school, we have to stay charged at all times. We were so happy to receive a laptop power bank from Eggtronic to try out. I don't even want to discuss how many devices we have in our home. There are times when we work outside on the back porch, and having a portable charger comes in handy. The package included: Laptop Power Bank, USB-C to USB-C cable (3ft), USB-C to USB-A adapter tip, user manual. It offers Universal compatibility with all USB-C and USB devices. 

It lets you recharge up to three devices simultaneously through its three ports: 45W USB-C Power Delivery, USB Quick Charge and standard USB 2.1A. The generous 20,000mAh battery capacity equals 4-8 charges for your smartphone, 3-5 charges for your tablet or 1.5 charges for your laptop. 

The two high-power fast charge ports (USB-C PD and USB Quick Charge) save you valuable time. Looking to top up your Macbook or other USB-C laptop? The 45W USB-C Power Delivery output fast charges it. Stylish and practically designed with soft water-repellent canvas and an easy-to-read LCD display. 

The Eggtronic laptop power bank would make the perfect gift this upcoming holiday season for practically anyone on your list. It retails for under $90 and definitely delivers a powerful and fast charge for your devices. It is perfect to have during the storm season when the power is likely to go out. Since this power bank holds a charge for an extended time, you will have more peace of mind that you are able to keep your devices charged in the event of an emergency. Also, since you can charge multiple devices at once, this will make those long road trips with the family a bit easier. No more fighting for the charger. 

Our family definitely recommends this power bank. Thank you so much Eggtronic for the product sample. All opinions are our own. Thank you for stopping by today! 

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