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Ways To Get Your Child Interested in Reading

When you were a kid, if you loved reading you probably don't remember how you discovered it. All you knew is you lost yourself in books for hours at a time. Now that you're a parent, you'd like your kids to develop good reading habits, too. Here are four different ways you can pique their interest starting now.

Read With Them

If you're not spending time actually reading with your child, they might not pick it up on their own. Set up a time each day for reading a good book together. Storytime is usually before bed, so make it a nightly routine. Your child will be excited about continuing the tale or starting a new one. Kids love to use their imagination when it comes to stories, so ask them plenty of questions.

Get Them a Personalized Book

One way to really get your little one's attention for reading is by giving them their very own adventure such as a personalized birthday book for child reading levels. In this story, they star as the main character and family members have roles, too. Not only is their very own storybook fun to receive, they'll ask to read it over and over. Remember to let a child read aloud as they're learning. It can help them to expand their vocabulary quickly.

Use Reading As a Reward

Reading is one activity that you can safely use as a reward for a job well done. Remember, reading is knowledge so more storytime is never a bad thing. If your child sees reading as a reward, the more they'll look forward to it. Reading in exchange for good behavior, or doing a chore, is much more beneficial than buying them another toy or handing out a sugary treat.

Set an Example

If you want your kids to be truly interested in the world of books, make sure you set a good example. Kids follow their parent's leads and by reading yourself, you'll demonstrate that reading is a lifelong love. Visit book stores often and keep plenty of books at home with your favorite ones in an important place where they can be treasured and admired.

Start Them Early

Reading can benefit your child in many ways, including expanding their vocabulary and letting them use their imagination. By starting as early as possible, you'll be setting them up for an activity they'll enjoy for the rest of their lives.
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