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Jun 22, 2020

DIY Home Ideas for Summer 2020

It’s time to get your house in order and ready to enjoy the summer weather. Skip the long construction projects and take advantage of some easy DIY ideas to upgrade your home this summer. 
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The Garage 

The summer is a great time to reinvent areas of your house. What better place to begin than with your garage? Besides a home for your car, your garage is an excellent spot for storage, an enclosed terrace, and even an extra room for entertaining. To help you take advantage of this space, install your own DIY garage screen door, add a few planters and perhaps even a DIY bar. With a screen door in your garage, you can enjoy the summer in the shade, and without the bugs. These doors are relatively easy to install and allow you to open up a whole new room for the season. 

The Sun Room 

When the summer hits, finding the perfect spot to read and relax is always a priority. No matter the space you have, you can create your summer oasis at home. Start by looking at the area and thinking about how you want to utilize it. If you are looking to create a place to relax during the day, you may want to line the area with lush plants and rich colors. For those looking for an evening hangout, a DIY fire-pit creates the ultimate hangout spot to unwind with friends after a hot summer day. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to add some lights so day or night your oasis is ready for you.
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The Restroom 

You may not think about your bathroom in the summer, but whether you are rinsing from a day in the pool or after working in the hot sun, you end up spending more time than you realize in your bathroom. This summer, take the time to invest in creating a sanctuary for you to relax from the heat of the day. To help you get on some of the summer's hottest trends, consider adding bold colors and patterns to give your bathroom a fresh look. Don't forget to add plenty of storage space, so everything you need is available without ever having to leave the room.
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The Kitchen 

During the summer, your menu changes to match the season. As you steer away from hot hearty dishes, you want your kitchen to reflect this switch in dining. Follow some DIY kitchen ideas to help you get the room ready to prepare the best meals possible. Before you get started with any big changes, take the time to update your storage and organization. Then, think about the small touches you can add to brighten up the room. Whether adding a splash of color as a backdrop or accessorizing the counter, there are tons of unique ideas you can do to make it summer-ready. 

No matter how you update your house, make sure it reflects your personality. Keep in mind where you will spend the most time, and enjoy your home this summer.

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