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What Cases Do Car Accident Attorneys Handle?

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you probably place safety first; however, a car accident tends to happen when people least expect them. There are numerous reasons why a car accident might take place, ranging from intoxication to poor weather and even equipment failure. Regardless of the cause, any accident can lead to serious injuries. When this happens, individuals and families might have trouble making ends meet. In this situation, hiring an Orange County car accident lawyer might be helpful. What types of cases can a car accident attorney handle?

Personal Injury Cases

A car accident lawyer handles a lot of personal injury cases. While many people have health insurance, car accident injuries can still be expensive. Bills can pile up due to deductibles, coinsurance, maximums on policies, and even time missed from work. Furthermore, some insurance policies might not cover physical therapy after leaving the hospital.

This situation is common for people who suffer injuries involving the brain or spinal cord. Sadly, injuries involving the nervous system are often permanent. This could leave people with residual deficits that prevent them from ever returning to work. This could also lead to a lifetime of medical care. A car accident lawyer can help individuals and families by recovering resources that can be used to care for the person for the rest of his or her life.

Negligent Driving Cases

In addition, a car accident attorney can be helpful by working through cases of negligent driving. Sometimes, car accidents are caused by the negligence of someone else. There are numerous examples of negligent driving that could cause a car accident.

One of the most common involves texting and driving. Even though cell phones are a great thing in that they allow us to stay connected to family members and friends while on the go, they should not be used while driving. Texting and driving takes the eyes off the road and the hands off the wheel. This could lead to a major car accident.

Another common form of negligent driving involves alcohol. Nobody should ever drink and drive; however, some people do this anyway. This could lead to a major accident because alcohol impairs someone’s reflexes and judgment while causing them to fall asleep behind the wheel. If an accident is caused by negligent driving, a car accident attorney can hold the driver responsible for the consequences of the accident, which could include serious injuries.

Hire an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

These are only a few of the numerous cases that a car accident attorney can handle. While there are many attorneys from which to choose, hiring a car accident lawyer is a major decision. It should not be taken lightly. Therefore, anyone who is involved in a car accident must take the time to evaluate all of their options. Nobody should have to go through this situation alone. Hire an experienced car accident attorney to defend your rights following a serious motor vehicle collision.
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