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How to Get Yourself Out of Common Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can result in fines worth hundreds of dollars, points on your license, or even a driving ban. Some of the most common traffic violations are speeding, reckless driving, running through a stop sign or red light, driving under the influence and turning or changing lanes without indicating. Dealing with a pending court case can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. However, before you formally challenge the violation in a court of law, there are a few strategies that can be tried before you decide to look for legal representation.
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1. Challenge the Officer’s Observations and Conclusion

After being pulled over and told that you have broken the Road Rules, challenging the traffic officer’s version of events can sometimes yield results. For example, if you run a red light, you might make the excuse that you were traveling too fast to stop in time. You might also point out that the officer was not in a favorable position to judge whether you did, in fact, violate the traffic laws. This can work especially well when there is a lot of traffic that might have arguably obstructed their view of the incident. Recording such an objection can help you later on if your case ends up going before a judge.

2. Challenge the State of the Roads or Signals

Make sure to drive past the site when the traffic offense occurred to check whether the road, markings, lights and signals are all in good working order. If you find any aspect of these is not working, in disrepair, or not clearly visible due to dirt or dust, record your findings in the form of a video or photo and pass them to your attorney. Any such evidence that you can collect can be extremely valuable and can assist a good lawyer in their attempt to construct a strong argument in your favor to absolve you of any responsibility for the violation.

3. Prove that the Offense Was the Result of an Attempt to Avoid Harm

A good defense in court may come from being able to prove that your action was a result of a legitimate attempt to protect the safety of yourself or other drivers. An example of this might be to claim that you were driving over the speed limit due to an attempt to avoid a collision, or because you feared the possibility of being hit from behind by a driver who was tailgating you. Another valid excuse might be that you were taking evasive action to avoid an animal that had moved into your path.
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While it is always much wiser to take care to avoid committing a traffic offense so that you do not end up in a legal wrangle, once you have received a ticket, it is a good idea to hire a legal attorney that specializes in minimizing driving penalties. If you live in the Greater Sydney area, why not check out some of the fantastic traffic lawyers Parramatta has to offer?
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