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What to Give Your Children for Christmas

It is not surprising that children get really excited about the prospect of waking up to find a load of presents neatly arranged under the Christmas tree and the big question you need to find the answer to is what gift items will you be wrapping for your children?

Your child’s tastes and preferences will often change from one year to the next and choosing gifts for 12-year-old boys, for example, will most likely prove to a different buying experience compared to buying for a girl of the same age.

There are also some other Christmas gift options to consider that won’t break the bank, so here are some suggestions to help you decide.
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Go for quality over quantity

It is worth remembering that kids can almost get overloaded with presents these days as they seem to get so many gifts compared to some previous generations.

You might find yourself struggling to find what could be classed as the perfect gift for your child and that could lead you to overspend and buy too many presents in your quest to get them exactly what they want.

Some parents like to follow a formula known as the 4 gift rule to help ensure that they buy certain items that fall into a category rather than randomly buying an assortment of things you think they will like.

The 4 gift rule is simple to follow and involves buying something they want, something they need, an item to wear, and something to read.
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It’s not all about money

You don’t have to spend fortunes on your kids to give them some nice Christmas gifts they will love and taking this route with some or all of your gift options will help teach your kids some valuable lessons at the same time.

If it is cold where you are you could maybe hire some ice skates or get a used pair from a thrift shop and give them the gift of spending some time skating with them and just hanging out together.

The gift of time shouldn’t be underestimated and those magical memories created when you do something fun together are priceless.

Be guided by their age

When you do want to put some presents under the tree it can be a real challenge to find a gift that is appropriate for their age and stage of development.

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy for and that is why the default option often tends to be a gift card, which is a bit boring and unimaginative.

A practical gift for a teen could be an external power station external battery, for example, as many kids of this age seem to manage to drain the battery in their smartphone at an alarming speed.

Another age example would be a ten-year-old child, who is often somewhere in between being a kid who still loves playing with toys and becoming a tween with more of a focus on more grown-up gifts.

Think about what gift would be appropriate for their age and then consider if that is where they are at with their development so you can adjust your choice of potential Christmas gifts accordingly.

Start planning for Christmas as early as possible and it should give you enough time to work out what the perfect gift would be for your child.

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