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Bao and Broth Now Open In Optimist Hall, Charlotte NC #LiveNoodsWarmBuns #WeDontCutCorners

After its announcement in 2018, the long-awaited Bao and Broth officially began serving customers at the opening of Charlotte’s new Optimist Hall on Thursday, August 1, 2019.

The ramen and steamed bun shop has long been in the back of Executive Chef Larry Schreiber’s mind. Since 2014, Schreiber served as Executive Chef at and helped open Moffett Restaurant Group’s Good Food on Montford, where his steamed bun was a hit. Now, Larry’s thrilled to be opening his own restaurant purely dedicated to the food concept that has earned him recognition across the Charlotte food scene. This time, he’s added ramen and other Asian delectables that will have Optimist Hall perusers stop in their tracks when they smell his chef-d'oeuvres.

Even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something at the highly customizable eatery. For $12, those longing for a hot bowl of ramen can choose from a variety of broths, proteins, and toppings to satisfy their craving. There are also vegetarian options, such as the Unctuous onion broth. Ramen not your thing? Check out the listing of baos offered. Despite the title referencing pork belly buns, Bao and Broth ensures that all eaters can enjoy their menu, with additional bun options including schnitzel, chicken, bulgogi, and falafel. If you still can’t get enough, side items, dessert, and the house specialty – rice cakes and pork belly kimchi – are also available.

“I’ve been a part of a few restaurants before but creating these recipes [for Bao and Broth] and testing them has been one of my favorite experiences,” said Schreiber. “Back at Good Food on Montford, we only served one option – the pork bun. Now with this restaurant, we have the capability to expand on it, and it’s been so fun putting together all sorts of flavors to see what mixes well. I think the schnitzel bun has to be my favorite, but I’m excited to see which items our guests like the most.”

The opening of Bao and Broth is part of the first of three restaurant opening phases at Optimist Hall, with the other two set to occur in the early fall. The stall is order-at-the-counter style, and guests can devour their meals either indoors or outdoors at the community seating hall, or at one of the few seats alongside the ramen bar. Schreiber also mentioned there are plans to include online ordering once the stall gets up and running, which will make it even easier to get this delicious food in your mouth as fast as possible.

Bao and Broth’s hours will be 11AM to 9PM Sunday – Thursday, and 11AM to 10PM Friday – Saturday.

Photo credit: Stefanie Haviv
About Bao and Broth:
Open August 1, the ramen and steamed bun shop is owned and operated by head Chef Larry Schreiber. Bao and Broth offers a full menu consisting of traditional Asian bao’s and broths with sides and desserts in accompaniment. Located in Optimist Hall in Suite 5. Head to to learn more.
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