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Apr 4, 2019

Teen Plastic Surgery: How Ethical Is It?

As advancements continue to be made to plastic surgery, it becomes more and more attractive to potential patients. It's no wonder that the number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries across the United States continues to rise. Adults are receiving these surgeries at a record level, but they aren’t the only ones. Teens and young adults are also receiving plastic surgeries, which has drawn the ire of certain groups. Some argue that teens are too young to fully understand the risks and dangers of plastic surgery. This begs the question, exactly how ethical is teen plastic surgery?

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The biggest gripe people have with teen plastic surgery is the competency of the teen. Are they old enough to fully understand what they are undertaking? Are they old enough to fully understand both the risks and benefits of the surgery, as well as everything that is going to take place? There’s a reason why minors are typically barred by U.S law from entering things such as contracts, as the vast majority of minors lack the competency to make their own decisions when it comes to matters this big. Plastic surgery is something very serious and could forever change your life, and if a teen is unable to fully grasp its severity then it is a major issue.

Physical Maturity

Another major issue surrounding plastic surgery is the physical development and maturity of the teen. Some physical deformities that people seek to correct will either go away over time or will simply be grown out of. In addition, what a teen may consider as a major physical detriment may actually be not that important or serious once the patient has grown up or maturity. For example, a teen probably shouldn’t undergo breast augmentation surgery if they are not fully grown yet. Although teens may want to have any deformity or scars removed in their teen years in order to avoid things such as bullying, it may be best to wait until they are older and more physically and emotionally mature.

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Parents’ Involvement

The involvement of parents in a teen plastic surgery case is another major issue that people have with the ethics of teen plastic surgery. Is the plastic surgery actually something that the teen wants, or is it something that the parent wants? Are the parents pressuring the teen into getting the surgery? On the flipside, if the parents are unsupportive of the surgery then it could create a potential parent-child rift. Unless plastic surgery for the teen is something that both the teen and parent can fully agree upon then it could cause major issues for the family.

Post Operation

Other major problems could stem from teen plastic surgery. It's no secret that teens and young people often have a feeling of invincibility. These people also don’t like spending extended periods resting or out of commission, something that could lead to some problems during post-op recovery. Teens may lack the attitude or discipline to follow the post-operation plan that the surgeon typically gives, something that could raise the risk of surgery and be potentially dangerous to the patient.

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